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Day Fifty-two: [UNFINISHED]

There was a lion in my bedroom.

I shut the door quickly and stood there for a moment. There’s not supposed to be a lion in my bedroom. I’m almost certain of that. I mean, I certainly didn’t put it there. And I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if someone tried to sneak one in. They’re big, after all. Noisy. And they stink.

So. Given that I didn’t put it there, and I’m pretty sure that no one else did, that left me with two questions, the latter more important than the former:

1) How did it get there?
2) What do I do with it?

Everything I knew about lions came from tv and movies, and I knew how unreliable they were. The words “fast,” “strong,” and “razor-sharp” kept running through my head, and I knew I had to do something. But what?

I put my hand on the door handle. Maybe it had left. Gone out the way it had come in, whatever that was. Through the window or something. I slid the door open a crack and looked straight into a giant gold-yellow eye. I slammed the door.

Nope. Still there.


REASON: I like this beginning, I really do, and if my body weren't currently devoting all its resources to fighting off a cold, I would revel in finding out 1) how the lion got in there and 2) what our main character is going to do about it. As it stands, though, the meat puppet demands every erg of energy I can spare, presumably to make a swift recovery. Hopefully its selfishness won't prevent me from getting something done tomorrow.

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