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In which we find out what is to be done….

Clearly, I am behind in my writing, but I’m going to make sure I make up those days that I missed. So I’m continuing the day-count at where I should be by now, and I’ll make up days 82 through 97 as I can and put them into a new category – Make-up work.

Every day that I do this, I learn something new about myself as a writer, and what I have to do to make this project work. Clearly a big part of it is regularity and stability; if I don’t have a regular life, I find it hard to slot this particular part into it. Perhaps trying to keep writing while I was on an unpredictable, action-packed vacation was a little more varsity-level than I was ready for, who knows. But now, as life settles back into a normal rhythm and a predictable scheme of things, I can make sure that I have the time set aside to work on this project.

Also, I’d like to stare with you a little bit of inspiration that I’ve come across while gearing up to get back in the saddle, as it were, and I would like to thank Wil Wheaton for stealing it from Ira Glass and telling everyone about it:

Damn right. Also, The Cult of Done:

All right. Enough of that, I have writing to do. Thanks for coming by and sticking around through this lull in the Great Work. I’ll put what I have learned into practice, and we’ll see what new lessons lay ahead.

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