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The Results for August!

Well, as I explained earlier, August was a pretty bad month for the Project. I missed a bunch of days and, as a result, have make-up work to do. But I’ve learned from it, and I’m working to make sure I keep up with the schedule. It’s not easy – like any skill, if you spend time away from it, it gets harder to get going again. But it’s still fun, and I’m looking forward to trying new things. My goal going forward is to look at the themes and styles and genres that I tend to gravitate towards, and see if I can do something different.

So here are the stats: My word count for August was 24,175 words, bringing me to a grand total of 120,560. Now while that’s about 20,000 words short of where I should be, keep in mind that if I were writing a novel, that would be some pretty impressive output for 102 days, with two weeks off in the middle of it. So that’s kind of the silver lining for August.

Anyway, September is here. Let’s see what I can do with it. You may have noticed there’s a “By Request” category, so if you want to throw a request my way, I’d enjoy seeing what I can do with it. Also, it would make me deliriously happy if someone did fan art. No pressure or anything, but I’d be giggling for days….

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