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Day One Hundred and Thirty-four: Special Agent Khrys Ferro, part 2

The bright red Corvette tore through the streets, weaving and dodging other, slower cars. Behind it, three black SUVs were being far less careful. They pushed cars out of the way, slamming them onto the sidewalks and into citizens walking on the sidewalks. And that was before the shooting started. Men in black ski masks leaned out the windows and fired short bursts at the Corvette as they drove through the city, taking sharp turns in great clouds of burning rubber.

Tanner Quan squeezed his eyes shut as the car flew through the city, barely missing streetlamps, other cars and people. “Are you sure this is necessary?!” he yelled.

The driver looked utterly casual. He was wearing sunglasses and barely using two hands to control the precision sports car. A slight flick of his wrist, a gentle turn, and the car did whatever he wanted it to. It was like watching a master musician play an instrument or an artist carve a sculpture. “Don’t worry,” Khrys Ferro said with a smile. “I’ve got them exactly where I want them.” He glanced over at the clock. “Three minutes.”

Tanner looked over at him. “Three minutes to what?”

He chuckled. “You’ll see.” Khrys gripped the wheel and yanked it to the left, and the car spun around once before taking off like a shot down a narrow alley. A moment later and Tanner could see the SUVs behind him in the mirror.

“You know, you didn’t have to blow up their headquarters like that!” Tanner yelled. “We probably could have gotten off with a light maiming!”

They had gone to pay a visit to the local headquarters of the Sons of Nazis in the morning. Khrys was able to look the part with ease – he was tall and athletic, with the kind of masculine aura that any man would respond to. He looked healthy and strong and, most importantly, white. The plan was for him to start talking to the group, get some information from them and hopefully finesse the location of the Department of National Security agents that were being held hostage. Tanner’s job was to be the lookout, a job that he was none too happy with.

True, his Chinese ancestry would have made him a less than ideal candidate for the Sons of Nazis, but he had hoped to be a little more involved than just sitting in the car.

And that’s when he saw the guys with guns heading in the back. They were a couple of well-known criminals that had gotten themselves on the DNS’ radar in the past. Tanner knew their plan the moment he saw them, and he grabbed his phone to call Khrys. When he didn’t answer, there was only one option left. Tanner jumped from the car and bolted into the building, sliding past a couple of guards in the process. He had his gun out before anyone knew what was happening and was ready to use it.

Khrys, however, was already in the process of interrogating the leader of the cell. He was doing so by slamming his head into a wall. Bloody and battered, the man was weeping and offering to tell Khrys whatever he wanted to know. And that was when all hell broke loose.

The men came in the back and started shooting. The two guys nearest Tanner both went got hit by flying bullets, but he managed to find cover. “Khrys!” he yelled. “Talk to me!”

“I’m all right,” Khrys yelled back, and Tanner’s heart swelled in relief. “When I give the word, run like hell!”

“What? Khrys, what are you -”

“GO!” the other man bellowed. Tanner turned around and bolted out the door he’d come in. When he got to the Corvette, he turned around just in time to see Khrys leap out the door, followed only moments later by a massive explosion. He hit the ground, rolled with the impact, and came up running. “In the car!” he yelled. “Go!”

They got in the Corvette and started to drive. The black SUVs had showed up soon after.

Now, threading their way through narrower and narrower streets, Tanner had some time to try and figure out what Khrys was up to. The man was brave, that was certain. But he nearly got them both killed with that stunt, and there was no way of knowing if he’d do it again.

The car spun to the right again, and Khrys was counting under his breath. About a hundred feet ahead of them, a train crossing gate had come down, and the red lights were flashing to warn people off. The car accelerated, and Tanner covered his head just as they blew through the wooden arm.

The Corvette caught air as it flew across the tracks, and it jumped a bit as the train clipped the car’s tail. Khrys slammed on the brakes and spun the car around, just in time to see one of the boxcars leap off the tracks and come tumbling towards them, followed by the crumpled remains of a black SUV. The rest of the train, which had been slowing down, started to follow the derailed car in a cacophony of screaming, twisted metal. Huge boxcars jumped the tracks, cracking open their contents and spilling them all along the roadside. Ten, twenty – countless cars rolled onto their sides and slid to a halt, throwing off showers of sparks and smoke as they did so. When the last one ground to a halt, Khrys got out of the car and walked over to the remains of the SUV. Tanner got out and just looked at the utter carnage they had just caused.

“We’re dead,” he said.

Khrys was reaching into the driver’s side for something and eventually came back with a bloody wallet. “No we’re not,” he said. He started tossing cards on the ground. After a few, he grinned and looked up at Tanner. “But someone will be.” He held up a hand-written business card with the name Dion Prospero scrawled across it. Underneath was an address.

Tanner took it and a grin broke across his face. The smoke from the train wreck tickled his nose, and sirens were coming in from the distance, but he had what the Department had been looking for: the location of the Sons of Nazis’ founder and leader, Dion Prospero. Tanner looked up at Khrys, who nodded and said, “Back in the car.” He cracked his knuckles. “Time to finish this.”


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