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Sick Day!

Hold on, let me gather up all my writing skills, my wordsmithing prowess and see if I can describe my current condition in a manner that is both immediate and understandable, without being crass or overly evocative. Something that Shakespeare might say. Or Byron.


I feel like ass.

It seems that some kind of low-grade flu or something has decided to set up shop in the decaying tin tabernacle that is my body, and all I can really focus on right now is going to bed as soon as possible.

So, it looks like this day will have to go into Make-up work, which pains me greatly. But there are priorities in life, and not collapsing in a heap at my desk is one of them. Hardly the actions of a true writer, I know, but one must be true to oneself.

Stay well, all, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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