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Day Two Hundred: A Boy and His House

For the month of December, I’ll be world-building. This means taking a look at the people, places, and institutions that I have created over the last six months and trying to figure out more about them. This will involve a look at the stories in which they’ve appeared, and then some speculation, stream-of-consciousness writing, and with any luck a few revelations. In addition, I may come back and add new material as the Elves in my unconscious ship out new ideas, so I’ll be sure to link them up.

Your feedback as readers is, of course, more than welcome. There are probably questions that I’m forgetting to ask and holes that I need to fill.

Wish me luck!


First of all, let me just say – HOLY CRAP 200 DAYS! I mean, I know I missed a few of those days, but on balance I’ve been really good about this. When I started this project, I would not have put good odds on making it this far. Hot damn!

Anyway, a short character sketch for tonight, since I have more than the usual to get accomplished. [1] Today we’re going to look at young Ancio Bolay, who appeared on day 79 in Ancio’s House. Here’s what the story tells us about him:

  • He’s a young boy, probably 13 or 14, who thinks of himself as a “skinny, dirty teenager.”
  • He lives in Corsair City, likely the poorer part of it.
  • There is a gang of teenagers called the Half-Moon Gang, whose leader is named Mackenaugh. Ancio makes a rather serious enemy of them.
  • He’s into petty theft.
  • He runs really well.
  • He ends up in The House, about which more later.

That’s pretty much all we know about him. I think his parents are dead, mainly because when he was being chased down by Mackenaugh and his gang there was no point at which Ancio thought, “Maybe I should go home.” From the narration, it seems that he doesn’t see himself as a street kid, so he probably has a home somewhere and goes to school. I think the line is pretty damn close, though, and all it’ll take is one bad day for Ancio to end up living on the street.

He also seems to have something of an impulse control problem, which strikes me more as a lack of common sense more than anything else – something that points to his not being a street kid. Stupid doesn’t survive on the street, and let’s face it – Ancio does something stupid. He steals a notebook from Mackenaugh which contains incriminating evidence on the Half-Moon Gang’s activities [2]. Strike one. Then, while being chased and threatened with death, rather than just drop the notebook somewhere and run, he holds on to it. I don’t know what he expected to do with the thing – I don’t reckon the police would be all that excited by evidence against a third-rate gang of teenage thugs – but he just wouldn’t let it go.

So yeah, Ancio needs some common sense drilled into him.

Where he ends up, however, I can’t say if that’ll happen. He finds his way into The House – a sentient, extradimensional pocket universe that looks like a house and can be accessed from any door. The House already has a caretaker, but it wants Ancio too. For what purpose? Well, that’s what future stories will have to reveal.

The next part of Ancio’s story will involve the House, and Ishmael Berringer, who currently resides there.


[1] If you consider taking out the trash an accomplishment.
[2] I never said Mackenaugh was especially bright either. He’s just got muscle to back him up.

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