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Day Two Hundred and Three: The Crystal Blade

For the month of December, I’ll be world-building. This means taking a look at the people, places, and institutions that I have created over the last six months and trying to figure out more about them. This will involve a look at the stories in which they’ve appeared, and then some speculation, stream-of-consciousness writing, and with any luck a few revelations. In addition, I may come back and add new material as the Elves in my unconscious ship out new ideas, so I’ll be sure to link them up.

Your feedback as readers is, of course, more than welcome. There are probably questions that I’m forgetting to ask and holes that I need to fill.

Wish me luck!


Well, I would have put this up last night, but I left for work at 6 AM and came back home just before midnight, so that wasn’t really an option. This doesn’t happen often, but there’s a point where the school just grabs you by the scruff of the neck and says, “Your time is ours.” Fortunately, there was booze at the end of the day, and that makes everything better.

Anyway, today I’ll give you two. The first is an object, one of several that I have floating around. Furthermore, it’s a look into the High Fantasy universe that I’ve been slowly cobbling together, but I have no idea what it will become.

Like many high fantasy stories, it’s vaguely medieval, uses a lot of magic, has non-human (but just human enough) species, curses, prophecies and all that good stuff. And, of course, weapons with names and stories. The first one I created was Endiel, a sword. Let’s see what the stories have to say about it:

10: Victory

  • Endiel was wielded by Thalen, a young Wharven adventurer
  • It glows green
  • When wielded, it can slice through marble
  • The blade is made of crystal
  • After Thalen’s death, Endiel was found by a young Toriian female.
  • When the sword is wielded by the proper person, it glows.

150: Betrayed

  • Endiel was wielded by Garus, a warrior in the Army of the Red Rocks.
  • The blade resists staining.
  • The blade is unmarred.
  • The sword can record spoken messages in the crystal blade.
  • After Garus’ death, Endiel waited a long time for a new wielder.

So we have a magic sword that chooses its wielders, and the two we’ve seen so far have died violently. That may be part of the sword’s magic – you get a fantastic weapon, better than any steel sword, but you will inevitably die by violence. And the sword doesn’t care – it doesn’t talk or sing or anything like that.

The first question to pop into my mind was this: in what order do those two stories go? Thalen died destroying an empire, and Garus died trying to save a city. There’s really no way to tell which came first, though I believe that Garus’ story occurred about a thousand years before Thalen’s. Why? I have no idea. Just a feeling. As for the girl who finds it, that’s a whole new adventure right there.

Naturally, then, the question of Endiel’s origin comes up. Here’s what I have in my head: A cave, with some crystal growths coming up out of the floor, out of the walls, in big clusters. Most of them are colorless and pale, but this one was a bright green. So who found it? I imagine a boy, maybe eleven or twelve, early teens in any case. He went exploring the caves alone, which he really shouldn’t have done but did anyway, and found this crystal in one of the side-caverns. He couldn’t remove it, of course, because it’s fairly large and rooted into the earth, but it remained in his mind after that. He would come and see it, stare at it for hours by torchlight, and it wasn’t until he was much older that he finally got to remove it from the cavern.

The crystal inspired the boy to study sorcery as he grew up, and he became a fairly competent wielder of magic. When his king expressed a desire for a new sword, the sorcerer – who was far from being the Royal Magician or anything like that – realized what the crystal had to become. He took it from the cave, fashioned a sword out of it, magicked the hell out of it and named it Endiel, which roughly translates into English as “Will.”

Yes, I’m making a Green Lantern reference. Shut up.

Anyway, he presented it to the king, who loved it, and the sword’s story begins there. The king dies by violence, of course, and the sword passes to its next wielder, then the next, then the next. Between the king and the Toriian girl, I feel like there have been at least ten wielders of Endiel.

What kind of intelligence does the sword have? Like I said, it doesn’t talk, or move of its own volition or turn colors when an enemy is near (though that would be cool. See below.) It doesn’t house the souls of the fallen or of its wielders. All it does is choose who wields it. If the right person takes the sword, it glows green and comes free of wherever it was inevitably stuck. If the wrong person takes is, the sword remains dull and unmovable. It’s similar to Thor’s hammer in Marvel comics that way – only a worthy person may pick it up, much less wield it. And I like to think that the sword modifies its criteria after every wielder. It’s looking to somehow find the best person to possess it, and every time a wielder dies, the sword adjusts what it considers “right.”

Which means Endiel has an ultimate goal in mind. Does it want a wielder who will grow old and die? One who will use it to bring peace? Who knows? I suppose we’ll find out as we go along with it…

Story Ideas:

  • A rainbow sword – it changes color to warn its wielder of various things. But maybe some of those things are entirely pointless…
  • Ektrakhal, the Reaver of Souls – the sword that Praetor Essen used to kill Thalen. That thing has a nasty history to it.
  • The story of the crystal’s discovery, of the making of the sword, the fall of the first wielder.
  • The story of the other wielders we have seen so far – how did they get the sword, and what did they do with it?

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